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Toby, Aylsham High School

Wed Wabbit

Wed Wabbit
By Lissa Evans
Wed Wabbit is a funny tale about a young girl called Fidge and her wimp of a cousin Graham who get sucked up in a storm and spat out into Fidge’s little sister Minnie’s favourite book. They have to try and get out of the book with the help of some special friends but are trying to be stopped by Fidge's worst nightmare.
The main character is a girl called Fidge who lives with her mum and younger sister. Fidge's father died when she was younger. Fidge is a brave determined girl who never gives up even when times are looking bleak. She finds human help in her cousin Graham. Graham is a rather strange boy as he happens to be allergic to anything and everything. His mother is also very stern on what he says or does in case it hurts him. Fidge and Graham also have help from Graham's transitional (anti-stress) toy Dr Carrot, and Minnie’s purple Elephant Ella. My favourite character is probably Ella as she is always very bubbly and tries to make everything and everyone happy, even if she does annoy a few people as she goes along.
My second favourite character has to be Graham. At the start he is scared of everything but at the end he manages to overcome all of his fears and become ‘normal’ again. I like Graham because he is shown as being very determined and caring and understands on his own that things need to change.
I think the most surprising story moment was when the new king turned out to be Wed Wabbit, Minnie’s most favourite toy, and Fidge's least favourite. I liked how it worked though because it gave Fidge an extra reason to want to get rid of the king and get back home. The middle of the story is my favourite as that is the most exciting, action packed part of the book. This is the part were Fidge and Graham start to understand how to get back home and who they have to talk to too get back.
My only improvement would be to make it a little bit funnier. This book is aimed at younger readers and although there is some humour, for a book like this I think there needs to be more humour in there. Overall, I did enjoy the book as it put a smile on my face and the story line and action worked well together. I’m 14 and the only other thing I’m going to say is I don’t think many people older than me would enjoy this book but definitely younger readers. I would recommend this book to people around the age of 9 and younger. I would give Wed Wabbit a 3.5 out of 5.

Posted on: 14th May 2018 at 10:18 am

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