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Eddie, Aylsham High School

Where the World Ends

Where the World Ends
Geraldine mcCaughrean
Where the World Ends is about a Scottish island of people who go onto huge rocks in the ocean to get birds for food to take back to the island. The Fowling Party is made up of a group of boys from the island and three grown up men to help. This would be normal until the boat meant to collect them never arrives: how will they survive? This is the main story in this book, although it has offshoots about the boys working together to get things done.
My favourite character is Quilliam as he is very easy to understand and he works hard and is honest as well as bringing all of the other characters together.
There is one bit in the book that was a complete surprise, this is when one of the characters reveals something to Quilliam that changes the way everyone else sees them.
My favourite bit was when they go against the bully and show him what it feels like when the tables are turned.
One improvement I would make would be to make a bit more exciting things happen as there are some bits where it can feel a bit uneventful.
As for mood, it’s a story where when everything turns against them they still get along and keep in high spirits.
I would recommend this book to teenagers and not small children because they could get bored too quickly if they were not fully engrossed in the book.

Posted on: 14th May 2018 at 10:27 am

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