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MJ, Aylsham High School

The Hate U Give

The Hate U Give-Angie Thomas
THUG is about a teenaged girl named Starr having to cope with the death of her two best friends Natasha and Kahlil. While coping with this she is also trying to get justice for Kahlil, not get killed by the police or Kenya’s dad (one of her best friends) who is part of the King Lord's gang, and keep on top of her life at her posh school where she has to keep her white friends separate from the black ones back home.
My favourite character was Chris, Starr’s white boyfriend. He was not one of the main characters but I liked him because he was portrayed as a very genuine person who was confused when finding out about Starr’s home life but was very accepting and wanted to help her through. I also liked him as he never seemed to hold a grudge and was always trying to do what was right even if it made him feel like an outsider.
In this story I didn’t expect that after all that we had seen Starr go through in the rest of the book for her to stand and speak in the middle of a riot in front of thousands of people, or that she would then throw the tear gas back at the cops when it came at her. Another part of the story I did not expect was when Kenya and Steven’s mum Iesha (Kings Girlfriend) helped them escape form Kings House with DeVante, who king wanted dead and she knew that.
I think my favourite part was at the end because even though not everything went as planned Starr started to stand up for herself even though she was scared, she stood up to Hailey, King, and the police and finally fought back and showed her rich friends who she really was and stopped hiding behind ‘Williamson Starr’.
If I could improve anything in this book it would be the amount of description as it makes the book feel very slow and board you at the start. I don’t agree with the opinions of her father because he makes it seem if all white people seem like villains even when they try to help.
This was a very serious book with many life lessons in, it was also quite a sad book but full of hope. I liked this book because it shows the struggles people have to go through in different areas of the country and how even when it seems like all is lost they still find the hope to fight back.
If I was to recommend this book to anyone it would be to a teenager who feels like everything is going wrong. I would recommend it to them because it is very easy to relate to when you are feeling exam stress and there are many helpful tips and points which are great life lessons and should be shared.
All in all this book was very good but I would not read another book by this author as I feel it was a very slow story and I really struggled to get into it, but once the book got going it was very good, and very inspiring.

Posted on: 14th May 2018 at 10:43 am

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