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Darcey, Reading Realm

Salt to the Sea

This book is about four children (a nurse, a deserter, a 15 year old pregnant escape. This book is a really lovely polish girl and a sailor) who are trying to escape Germany because the Russians are attacking them. It is based on the World War 2 There only hope is the Gustloff (the only ship that could evacuate them). The ship is their only hope. They meet new friends along the way but will all of them way of describing what lots of Germans had to go through and it shows not all Germans are the stereo type we have made. It is very emotional and made me cry throughout. It is my favourite book that I have read and I think Ruta puts in a great way. I liked it because of the mystery, struggle and distraught. Everything is well written and I felt loads of emotions. It was outstanding

Posted on: 15th June 2017 at 12:50 pm

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