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Saint Death

This book is about Arturo helping is friend Faustino escape. The friends met back long time ago, after a distressing past, meeting each other was destiny. The pair survived in the harsh environment. However, for Arturo, all is gone, but his shack and few belongings; when Faustino leaves with no information. Among Arturo’s belongings is a wad of money and playing cards. The playing cards are what he uses to earn his way into the world. The tables turn when Faustino returns with both a wife and baby, desperate for help, after stealing money.
I disliked this book because it looked plain without speech marks. Instead of speech marks, there are dashes. This makes the book to empty.
On the hand the story was very interesting and unique. I loved this book because it showed a strong very interesting and unique storyline. I liked the fact that the friendship survives through the hardships, with or without each other.
I would recommend this for 12+. It was a very interesting and I will recommend it to others.

Posted on: 14th May 2018 at 10:54 am

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