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The Hate U Give

THUG was an interesting novel on racist conflicts. Starr is the only witness to her best friend Khalil. Khalil’s murderer is a policeman, but nothing is done against him. Starr’s best friend Kenya gives advice and support. Starr lives in a poor neighbourhood, whilst going to a “posh” school.

My favourite thing about this novel is that it was in first person; therefore we can understand the narrator’s perspective. I also enjoyed it because the novel was unique. Usually a novel with racist conflicts would only include that problem only. However in THUG Starr has to deal with her friends in a “posh” school. Starr had a way with words especially when she said, “I give them a stank-eye and silently dare them to say shit to me”, we can see how Starr wants to fight with Hailey and pay her back.

As much as I enjoyed this book, there were a couple of parts I didn’t like such as: firstly there are two families with the name of King. This complicates the story more averting the reader from the main point. The second part that didn’t sit right with me was the end because nothing interesting happens. The book finishes like this, “I’ll never give up. I’ll never be quiet. I promise”. This seems too childish and boring, it would be better if the book ended along the lines with Starr succeeded. I felt the novel finished too soon and there could’ve been a stronger finish.
My favourite character of THUG is Kenya. This is because she helps outs Starr, also telling her when she took things too far. We can see this, when Kenya texts Starr, saying, “you took it way too far”. Instead of deepening the wound Kenya tries and succeeds in stitching it up. Kenya always speaks out. We can see this when she says “all these days you never invited me when your friends were here, is it because they’re white and I’m not”. This tells us that Kenya never goes the long way round in conversations; she just says everything with no hesitation. Furthermore, Kenya’s mum is Seven’s mum and Starr’s dad is seven’s dad.

I do not have a least favourite character except for the two King families. I would recommend this book for 10+. This book is fairly easy to read, however there is unsuitable context on each page. I would also recommend this book to others. Overall I enjoyed the book 90%, hating the 10% because of the King confusion.

Posted on: 14th May 2018 at 10:56 am

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