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Beyond the Bright Sea

Beyond the Bright Sea is an absolutely beautiful book with wonderful description, lovable characters, and a sturdy plot. We start of this book by being introduced to the main characters Crow, Osh, and Ms Maggie. We learn that Osh first discovered Crow, washed up, on his tiny little island just off the main land of the Elizabeth Island. Crow has always been a curious child, always wanting to learn from her neighbor and tutor, Ms Maggie. However, when Crow turns twelve she asks a new question 'Where did I come from?'... Crow finally questioned why all of the people on the island of CuttyHunk where treating her so strangely, compared to Ms Maggie and Osh. Then, one day Ms Maggie tells Crow that she might come from and island to the North of the Elizabeth islands... one that is a quarantine zone... an island that was inhabited by Lepers! That is when the real quest for knowledge begins...

I liked Beyond the Bright Sea because it is an extraordinary read. The description that is included in book is so immersive, you really do feel like you are on the island of CuttyHunk with Crow, Osh and Ms Maggie. There is a moment in the book which is a perfect example of this; Crow is sitting alone on a grassy hill, the wind owing at her hair, gently. You really feel like you are there sitting besides her. The characters are also lovable, my favorite character is Mouse, her nonchalant attitude, her charismatic nature, and she is always there to comfort Crow with relaxing noises... If you haven't guessed already, Mouse is a cat... Lauren Wolk has introduced each character in their own way to tell the reader exactly how they act. You really get attached to all of the characters, they are all caring people who just want what's best. I also find the plot of the story very interesting, however, I would have liked to see some more plot twists and unsuspected out comes for the book. One negative for the book is that it is reasonably predictable and nothing is really at stake, the reader feels no sense off fear when Crow is in a sticky situation. Overall, the book is good and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a good adventure book.

Posted on: 14th May 2018 at 01:27 pm

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