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Zara, Chobham Academy Book Group

Wolf Hollow

The story is told by Annabelle, a twelve year old who has led an untroubled stable and quiet life on her family farm in Pennsylvania.
She lives with her parents, younger brothers Henry and James, grandparents and her Aunt Lily.
The novel focuses on Annabelle as she ventures to deal with Betty Glengarry, a regional bully.
At the same time, Annabelle attempts to shield strange World War veteran Toby against the accusations of Betty. Toby, who is soon befriended by Annabelle, is a quiet odd man and although he always carries three guns ( two of which that don't work) he always keeps to himself and doesn't cause anyone any trouble.

Betty soon finds delight in torturing Annabelle, first demanding valuable things and if she refused, Betty was quick to make threats to hurt her brothers.
The book drew me in immediately with the opening line, 'The Year I turned twelve, I learned how to lie' and I quickly became engrossed with the intriguing book. The honesty was completely heart-shredding. Unpredictable twists in the story were made and the questions that formed in my mind about the story began to become unforeseeable, proving that the book wasn't too predictable.
This is the story of various prejudices, such as the wounding damage of bullying and the sometimes everlasting effects of war.
Lauren Wolk created memorable and incredibly creative characters, an evocative setting and wrote an astounding story. I would recommend the book to ages 11+ and I rate the book a definite 5/5

Posted on: 15th June 2017 at 03:32 pm

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