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Olly , Sidcot School


Salt to the sea

The book is about four characters, who have lost a few loved ones or even all loved ones due to world war one. They face challenges throughout their journey, dealing with tough and dangerous situations. Their journey encountered harsh weather conditions, dealing with nationality barriers and they all had one thing in common they were all refugees, due to the horrific events that had occurred from the war. Together they have to find a way to get to the end goal, the Wilhelm Gustolf. This ship could take the to freedom and safety.

The book is set in the battle zone, based on world war 2 and dated back to 1945. Multiple different nationality groups that would never normally meet have the opportunity to meet. Two rivals Germany and Poland have to work together to achieve their goals.

The characters were very tough to relate too. This was because there were four different characters point of review, this made it very hard to get to know each character well. By not knowing which character to relate to, it became very hard and intolerable to enjoy the book because this extremely annoying issue. On the other had multiple narrators gave a four point explanation of the situation that was waiting unravel. This factor gave the reader an image of what was happening and made the reader feel like him/her was in the scene. Overall this factor creates a very enjoyable or very unenjoyable book, it depends on how you enjoy reading and how you like the scene to be explained, however for me this made the book very unenjoyable and tiresome to read.

The plot includes a group of four war survivors, desperately trying to arrive at their end goal they pick up various other refugees through the countryside, language barriers became a drastic problem for the group. The more refugees they picked up through their travels the tougher it became, they had to supply food for all the people and more people meant different nationalities. They spent weeks on their journey battling anything that tried to dual against them. They overcame every problem no matter how tough they were but they had the ability to charge straight through. As they continue the end goal becomes into view. The Wilhelm Gustolf their only ticket out of the dreadful, disgusting, deadly war zone. Will they be able to escape? Will they get there before the boat leaves? Will the war kill them before they can get to the boat? I leave you with these questions and hope that these questions will be found and answered by the time you have finished the book.

I hope you enjoy the book, just because I didn’t like it does not mean that it is not a very good book, the plot is extremely good however it is just a shame that I was not able to enjoy the book because of the few reasons that I have expressed in the review.

Posted on: 14th May 2018 at 05:45 pm

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