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Daniela, Northampton Academy

Wed Wabbit

I enjoyed reading Wed Wabbit. The book grabs your attention and the plot line is very memorable, making it all together a very good book to read. From start to finish, the book was very quick for me to read and all of it was intriguing to read. I think that the book has a great original idea and could be read by a wide range of people that like light-hearted books as it has good writing and made me smile throughout most of the book. Wed Wabbit is about a girl called Fidge who goes through some challenges as she is put into her little sister's (Minnie) favourite book with her cousin who is very paranoid and quite spoilt. I would recommend this book to read for anyone who enjoys childish books and I might reread Wed Wabbit in the future.

Posted on: 14th May 2018 at 06:54 pm

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