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Benedict Broadbent, Sidcot School

Beyond the Bright Sea

When I finished this book, I was left with questions and sympathy for ‘Crow’ (the main character) and thinking what her future would look like. I thought that Wolk illustrated a strong sense of togetherness and friendship as played out between the characters of ‘Osh’ and ‘Crow’. The book was excellently layered out as it leaves the readers with questions and answers such as, what happened to Crow’s brother and what Crow’s future would hold for her. I felt that the understanding of the characters was well portrayed at the beginning of the book making it easy for readers to understand the plot and who the main characters were. The book would have been more enjoyable if readers had been able to get a better understanding of ‘Osh’s’ and ‘Maggy’s’ past.

The plot consisted of ‘Crow’, one of the main characters discovering a mysterious path. The book was based on her living on an island called ‘Cuttyhunk’ where a fisherman ‘Osh’ had found her days old in a small shabby boat. Their Island is adjacent to a neighbouring island ‘Penikese’. Many people avoided her as she was thought by most to come from the ‘Penikese’ Island which holds a Leper colony, with people thinking that she is diseased whilst she carries no symptoms. Towards the end of the book ‘Crow’ discovers her heritage with riches that lye beneath her.

To conclude I think the book presents a strong meaning of respect to family. Throughout the book I thought that some of the literature would maybe be thought not to fit all ages but a splendid book for younger readers as it is engaging and gives another perspective of life.
Highly Enjoyed, would recommend 8/10

Posted on: 14th May 2018 at 09:42 pm

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