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Abarna, NTA Rowling Readers

Where the World Ends

This is about a group of children who are stranded on a deserted piece of land (with frequent caves), with no way to leave. When I picked up this book, the title interested me. Quill is leading the group; however when no-one comes to pick them up, Quill is in distress. As in the title, everyone begins to ponder when the world will end.

Where The World Ends is a fairly interesting book when I started it; however when I had to read the same thing numerous times, I became dulled. As I read on, I realise the author uses repetition to show us the daily life on being stranded. Even though this technique is very useful and important, in my opinion I dislike reading the same thing numerous times. I prefer books in which the author moves on instead of stalling it. However others may enjoy “experiencing” being stranded on an abandoned land with no way to leave.

Overall I would have enjoyed this book if the author did not use repetition. I would recommend this book to others, whilst sharing my personal opinions. Others however may enjoy this book.

Posted on: 15th May 2018 at 08:21 am

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