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Isabel, Sir Harry Smith Community College

Salt to the Sea

'Salt to the Sea' is one of the rare books that you are hanging onto every word and emotionally connect with the characters on a whole different level. Ruta Sepetys created the heart wrenching book that leaves you wanting it to never end, I devoured the pages in an instant and was obsessed with the lives of all the characters. Although this book is fiction, you are taken through the unfortunately real historical events; the events were more tragic than the 'Titanic' and so few people are aware of the incident. The event of the 'Wilhelm Gustloff' is one that we should remember and show a great deal of compassion for. You come away knowing what happened to the huge ship and with a much broader knowledge, I personally also left with a much more opened mind about the world.

I do feel a slight hatred towards Alfred and how narcissistic he is, he comes over in a very cocky way and throughout the book I could feel that waves of annoyance flow through me. I felt such a strong connection with the other characters however and I felt their every emotions along side them; everything they experienced in this book it extremely tragic and I feel that something similar to this could have been happening at this time.

The author of this great book has an incredible style of writing, one that would make me proud of I had that talent; I was unsure of having the four different viewpoints at first and I believed it would make it harder. However I shortly became used to it and it made everything so much better. It was very fast pace and was packed full of so much that was dramatic, romantic, sympathetic, my list could continue. I was constantly wanting to read on and I really couldn't put it down. The only thing I could fault on would be to know more about what happened to Emilia at the very end, I found it unclear about her side after the sinking of the ship. Overall I was fully captivated by this story and I would definitely say this book deserves to win, I feel like it will be a large contender and it certainly deserves to be.

Posted on: 15th June 2017 at 09:03 pm

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