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Ana, British School of Gran Canaria

The Hate U Give

Throughout history, many books have been written which are a must read now and will be a must read in 100 years time. The Hate U Give is definitely one of those books.
It follows the story of Starr Carter, a girl who lives in two very different worlds simultaneously: her white, rich school, and her poor, black neighbourhood.

Both of Starr's worlds shatter when her friend Khahil is murdered for one single reason. He's black. I've never experienced this level of racism before.

Even though we are regularly told about racist incidents, I had yet to hear from the perspective of a teen black girl. Starr appears to be accepted in her school, although there are so episodes with so-called friends which cast doubt on this assimilation. Nevertheless she experiences more rejection from the society she's born into.

The Hate U Give is a crucial read for white teens; since it alerts us to the racism still present in modern-day society. How black people still feel unsafe around the police. How, sometimes, the colour of your skin and your background are considered enough justification for your murder to be excused.

Maybe this book will empower us to realize how much more there needs to be changed. Maybe, it will inspire us to make those changes. It does, though, show that the future is very much in our own hands.

The Hate U Give oozes power and it burst my bubble of comfort, making me realize that I need to do something. I now know that I can no longer just stand and watch. Author Angie Thomas makes you want to shout out loud when previously you thought you did not have an opinion.

However, I must admit I was still a little disappointed. I expected a fast-paced, intriguing book, yet found a story, that even though excellent at talking about such a delicate topic as racism is, was sometimes a little routine, and even boring. But if you're going talk about everyday life, what do you expect?

Overall, it was great with a strong, important message. Words are your weapon. Use them.

Posted on: 15th May 2018 at 09:21 am

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