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Daisy, Chobham Academy Book Group

The Bone Sparrow

The Bone Sparrow is by far one of the best Carnegie books I have read so far. At first, I thought that the plot was slightly boring because everything seemed to be happening almost like a record repeating over and over. However, the plot became more interesting when young boy Subhi, who lives in a refugee camp from hell, meets "the girl from the outside" Jimmie who wants to help Subhi in the awful conditions he was living in. Starting off slowly, one mug of hot chocolate from Jimmie's thermos at a time, their relationship of suffering between them causes them to bond extraordinarily. Judging by the title, one might expect the book to be quite dark and gory; however, it is the complete opposite. In fact, the "Bone Sparrow" in the book is a sort of protection necklace that Jimmie wears constantly to bring her her family's traditional hope and safety. This is shown even more vividly when Jimmie presents Subhi a series of chapters (scattered around in an old notebook) about her great-great grandparents, Anka and Oto, and how hope was the only good thing left in their lives after the tragedy of war. That hope was contained in the Bone Sparrow. In my opinion, some quite tragic events take place towards the end of the book and I wouldn't recommend to younger readers, but the messages are strong and it was a fantastic read. The book is actually based on a real refugee camp and the main idea was to make readers more aware of the tragedies that take place in the world and that a little bit of help (and hope) could change the world as we know it for good.

Posted on: 15th June 2017 at 09:55 pm

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