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Jess, Ashmole Academy

The Bone Sparrow

Zana Fraillon, an Australian author, has penned a heart breaking and thoroughly compelling tale about refugees in her latest book, 'The Bone Sparrow', that is centred around a young refugee boy living his days with his mother and his elder sister in an Australian detention camp, where he spends his days helping his orphan friend to smuggle and with an outsider to help her read the stories about her family history, all the while longing to meet his father across the ocean and to save his soul from such a wretched place.
The lives of refugees are hard, that we know, but how painful they are and how unfortunate they are, we rarely get to know that; at least from the inside. And that's what this talented writer has succeeded in by penning a strikingly heart breaking story of a little refugee boy born in a detention camp, where the living conditions are so poor that a normal human being could not imagine to live there even for a day. Through this 10 year old child's voice, the readers will get a thorough insight into the raw and honest world of refugees in detention camps, a human being, with no passport to go back home and at the same time, no permission to settle in a foreign country, it's more like living on the edge of a country; ill-treated daily to remind them that they are outsiders and that they must be grateful towards the country who is allowing them to live and eat for free.
The characters are well developed, complete with realism to make them look believable in the eyes of the readers. The protagonist, Subhi is an innocent little child with a smart mind and knows how to survive mutely in harsh conditions, and his sense of responsibility towards his family is really beyond any words. He reflects impeccable maturity despite of his tender age when it is necessary but his story will keep the readers rooted till the very end. The supporting characters are equally well etched out, especially the characters of Subhi's bossy elder sister, the sweet and loving Jimmie with a plan, the clever rubber duck with a sharp mouth and a strong yet sad young orphan boy, Eli.
Each and every character from this book is bound to leave an impression on the minds of the readers long after reaching the end of this story.

Posted on: 15th June 2017 at 10:16 pm

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