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Joe, Ginger's Ninjas

Beyond the Bright Sea

As with my previous reviews, I will not spoil the plot of the story here, I will just say I enjoyed my time with the novel and found it engrossing for what it was. I would consider it one of the better books I have read in recent memory. The plot was intriguing and engaged me from beginning. The premise was interesting and the author found a good way to establish the world in which the characters live. The author creates a main protagonist that knows just as much as the reader about their own story and where they came from. This is endearing for the reader and makes them want to read on.

While this review may be vague, I would implore you to read this and give it a chance. Along with the other books nominated, this definitely stands a chance of getting my vote.

Posted on: 15th May 2018 at 01:13 pm

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