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Sam, Hereford Cathedral School Book Club

After the Fire

After the Fire is an amazing book that really grips you and drags you in with everything it does. The amount of times (when I was reading it)I thought: "no way", "what", "What the hell" and moments when you laugh.
The book is about Moonbeam who has survived a massive fire that burnt down where she used to live. She then wakes up in a hospital and is questioned by Doctor Hernandez and later Agent Carlyle. It swaps between before and after giving it a really good show of how they lived and how what Father John said was mostly wrong. There are characters you love (Honey, Moonbeam, Nate, Agent Carlyle) and ones you hate (Father John, Luke) which gives you a very good range of characters to love and hate.
The ending is really good and I felt relieved and reassured.

Posted on: 15th May 2018 at 01:54 pm

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