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Emily, Sophie and Eva, Aston Academy

After the Fire

After The Fire

“After The Fire” is a novel which will call your tear ducts to attention as you fly past situations unknown to the general public. Don’t be surprised if people look at you strangely as you sob on the bus! You’ll find yourself cursing under your breath as father John controls Moonbeam’s life and sighing as she gradually learns to trust the outside world. In the beginning, it’s fast-paced and the action in the first few chapters will make you feel just as confused and hurt as Moonbeam. The mystery will leave you hooked as the plot unfolds. Love, hate and all manner of other emotions flood to you. Confusion can hit like a truck but the book will somehow grow arms and envelope the reader until you simply have to keep reading! Night, day, sunrise, sunset. It doesn’t matter! Every page you turn something new happens and you rush through situations drab and spectacular!

Moonbeam would trust father John to guard her life, to give her comfort. Even in the dark times Father John would be there. Or would he? Moonbeam starts to doubt the things her guardian has told her. Little lies that kept his real personality hidden. Moonbeam is finding it hard to trust people. She is convinced that promises will be broken. She thinks that the outsiders will lie to her about when she will be granted her freedom. Little does she know that her life was built on lies, like a corpse that was laid to rest in an unstable coffin. Everything she knew was fake. Every person that she meets says it will be fine. But will it? Join this young woman as she journeys to uncover the truth.
But it may be stranger than she ever imagined…

Posted on: 15th May 2018 at 02:20 pm

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