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Leonie and Holly, Aston Academy

The Hate U Give

The Hate You Give is a fictional book about the life of a black American girl named Starr. It was first published in February 2017. Development of the plot begins after a shooting in 2009. This story is written in the 1st person. Starr lives in the suburbs, or the ghetto, as her posh friends say. The posh friends that she has are all from Williamson High School, a paid school with high expectations and rich attendants. She has 2 brothers called Seven and Sekani. Her mom works as a nurse and her dad was a drug dealer until the birth of his daughter, Starr.
The King Lords are a key part of the story; this is the gang where supposedly her dead friend, Khalil, dealt drugs. It is important to say that this book has a lot of profanity and mature scenes, so if this is not your type, be warned.
Holly in our group thinks this was a good story because it describes a lot of the events featured. She was very depressed when Khalil died. She was unhappy because he was a good person and he did nothing wrong. In addition, to this she thinks officer 115 was overreacting. Holly says the book made her feel knowledgeable, to all the black lives lost in America. This book made her think about the issues in police departments across the US. Holly would recommend this book because it is very tense and makes you want to read on. Also, it gives the reader a sense of equality and justice. Holly’s favourite character was Starr because she experiences a lot of different emotions however on the inside she is caring and loving.
I (Leonie) think this was an incredible story because it addresses issues in modern day America. I was happy when Starr felt confident in herself because it shows strength and power. This book affected me because American police are doing the wrong thing: being racist. This book made me think about how black lives matter and how police need to ensure that their safety is as good as white people. I would recommend this book because it opens the eyes of the reader to the issues black Americans face in day-to-day life.
Also, the book has been voted Waterstones book of the year in 2018.
Enjoy reading the book!
Leonie and Holly ?

Posted on: 15th May 2018 at 02:39 pm

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