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Zaal, Latymer Prep

Wild Animals of the North

Wild animals of the north is written and illustrated by Dieter Braun. It is about a non-fiction book few of the animals that live in the northern hemi-sphere it gives you interesting facts and beautiful cubic images. Unlike most animal non-fiction books it is personal to the author and only includes the few most interesting facts and traits of each animal.
I think the way Dieter Braun has used cubism is amazing as the images look close to what the animal looks like without just taking a photo of the animal. The way Dieter Braun uses the cubist art form is engaging, fun and interesting. The illustrations are large and very detailed with small things that make his illustrations stand out. The illustrations in this book and the front cover make this book stand out.
I would recommend this book to people as young as 4 to people as old as 11 because the information is interesting. Also it is not like some other animal reference books were you are feed more information than you can swallow. I rate this book 9/10.

Posted on: 17th June 2017 at 01:33 pm

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