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Esme, Sidcot School

After the Fire

My Book Review on After the Fire by Esme

This book is based on a girl, called Moonbeam, trying to face reality again after being in a religious group called the Lords Legion. Moonbeam, the main character, has flashbacks after a fire where she remembers stuff from when she was in this group. The Lord’s Legion doesn't allow contact with the outside world and the follows are controlled by their leaders words. As Moonbeam recovers from the fire she realises how messed up it was.
The book is confusing at the start as you only get parts of the information in each chapter. However the more you read the more you understand Mooonbeam's terrible story. The author shows the reader her story by a series of flashbacks. Throughout all the flashbacks you become quite sorry for Moonbeam as she starts to understand how wrong it all was. I wasn't sure about Moonbeam as a character at the start but as I kept reading I got caught up in the story and Moonbeam as a person. Will Hill's writing is very descriptive and really bring to life the story and what is going on in Moonbeam's head. I strongly recommend this book to people who like a strong female lead and emotional storyline. I loved reading it.

Posted on: 15th May 2018 at 09:06 pm

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