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Edie, Beauchamps High School

The Song from Somewhere Else

I enjoyed The Song from Somewhere Else. The story is centered on a young girl (in her teenage years), Frank, and her life during the school holidays. But every time she goes outside, she seems to always face Noble and his friends who tease, taunt and annoy her. Until one day, she is saved by a boy, Nick, who no one in Frank's class likes to be around as he’s big and weird. Frank and Nick start to get very close as the story develops, becoming unexpected friends. Frank is always greeted by the soft music that plays in Nick’s house and while spending time with Nick, she follows the music and learns about Nick’s secret.
I found the storyline was creative and very imaginative, which intrigued me. I liked the mature illustrations that were used throughout the book. These illustrations fitted well with the storyline. I especially liked that the reader gets an insight to what Frank’s mind is saying. I liked this because this showed another side of Frank which is not shown in what Frank does or says to people. I thought that Frank was a very like-able character and I liked that she was quite adventurous. However, I was disappointed with the ending as I thought it was too long and the story could have ended in a better, more imaginative way. I would recommend this book to anyone twelve and older as any younger people may find the story quite dark and too mature.

Posted on: 15th May 2018 at 10:09 pm

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