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Imogen, Backwell School

The Bone Sparrow

I enjoyed this book a lot and found it very moving at points although as I got towards the end it started to drag. I loved the different perspectives as it really emphasised the comparison between the awful life in the refugee camps and the wonderful lives those living so near experienced. The stories from Jimmies mother were beautifully written and it was lovely to see Subhi and Jimmie connecting over their history, however I felt that the stories were too long at some points and would have had more impact if they were placed as separate chapters. The ending did not tie everything up neatly but this fitted the story as many refugees will never get a happy ending , they will live their whole lives in camps and the sadness of that really came across. Although there were many sad points Zana Fraillon balanced them out with amazingly written happy moments. I was really able to connect with Subhi and by the end of the book I was supportive of everything he did and cared for him. I would definitely recommend this book!

Posted on: 18th June 2017 at 03:09 pm

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