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Remy, TallisCarnegie2014

The Stars at Oktober Bend

Although i did not have time to fully read this final book for the carnegie book awards i am truly enjoying it! The story makes you feel compassion for Alice, one of the protagonists as she tries to get her voice heard whilst being mistreated, with people vandalising her poems at the bustop and a man offering to buy her homemade 'flies' at a terrible price, when being refused he insults her. Alice has some sort of disability of which i do not know about at this stage of the book however, the book is constantly talking about her 'electrics buzzing' obviously pointing to the fact that she may have some sort of mechanism implanted into her. Because of this disability she is unable to properly form words, this is shown by writing in the book being short and some and not making complete sense at times. You hear from the book that apart from having a severe disability to deal with she also has a variety of other problems in her life: a father who is in jail, her mother who has sadly passed away, a grandma who has terrible tar build[ in her lungs, making it almost impossible to go to many places and her loving brother Joey who is constantly looking out for her which certainly isn't a problem. At this point in time i am very much enjoying it, i have only just been introduced to the second protagonist Manny who seems as if they are running from something. Manny finds one of Alice's many poems and is captured by it. The writing style of this book is impeccable, with many bold language choices which can make some parts sounds extremely sad and brutal whilst making others a tad happier. I will continue on with this book and it definitely deserves your read, i cannot wait to finish it and learn more about the characters.

Posted on: 18th June 2017 at 11:30 pm

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