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Alex , Chobham Academy Book Group


Railhead was an uncanny and mysterious novel written by the renowned author, Philip Reeve. I am an avid science fiction fan and critic and I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I believe that the characters were detailed and created with great skill. There were some aspects of the book that I did dislike though. I feel as if Reeve created a clever plot and story, however, when Zen returns home after stealing the Pxyis and his account is loaded with lots of money, Reeve then adds another after-plot to the story. I get the impression that he has tried to extend the story unnecessarily. Despite this, the second plot was crafted with as much passion and skill as the original plot. I also did not like the way in which the story was written. I perceived Reeve's structuring and writing style as relatively immature and childish. However, I have recently started reading 'Mortal Engines' also written by Philip Reeve and the style in which this is written is very different. On the whole, I did enjoy the creativity of this wonderful novel.

Posted on: 19th June 2017 at 10:03 am

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