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Lily, Oakgrove Readalots


Release was a story about a day through the eyes of the main protagonist Adam and a dead girl who rose from the lake. I’ll be honest when I say that throughout the book I didn't enjoy Adam’s sides of the plot while when the other half came on I was fully intrigued. With Adam, the story took on mature themes including at least one sex scene! It was really uncomfortable to read and I couldn’t get my head around why it was in the book - it felt like a YA (Young Adult). There was also a beheading - but much less detailed so I was okay with it. Adam was a bland character and the people around him also felt bland. I loved the short snaps of humour - especially the dialogue between Adam and Angela about Beyonce but overall I couldn't tell you about these characters. The other half felt like I had been dropped into a sequel of a series and always asking questions and when I read this book again I skipped Adam's section and I enjoyed it more. The Queen’s mysterious presence was better than reading about Adam and Angela losing their virginity. The plot was coherent but mostly boring (Adam going on a jog, Adam going to work, Adam going to a party - it wasn’t up my alley) and the ending was alright. Overall, I don’t recommend unless reading about a gay teenager going through life, having sex and more with a sub plot of a dead girl rising from a lake is your thing. 2/5.

Posted on: 16th May 2018 at 01:54 pm

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