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Liv, Sir Harry Smith Community College

The Bone Sparrow

Yet another important issue was highlighted in 'The Bone Sparrow', the story line left me feeling guilty that I was not aware that such an injustice was being allowed to happen.
'The Bone Sparrow' follows Subhi, a nine year old refugee who is born in a detention centre, his life is riddled with hardship for those around him, but the camp is all he has ever known. He meets Jimmie as tension is rising between the refugees and the 'Jackets' but the stories they share give them an alternative reality to escape to.

I found that despite having an amazing story line, 'The Bone Sparrow' left me without significant emotional connections to any of the characters. This may sound like a rather heartless opinion, but I could not bring myself to have any of those connections. My only emotions towards the book were all regarding the true events it was based on, not the fictional aspects.

I would have liked Zana Fraillon to build up the characters with greater personality behind them. Shakespeare duck was honestly my favourite character because of its personality that shone through as soon as he was introduced.

If the intention behind this book was to want to know more about the issues faced by the Burmese refugees, then it definitely succeeded. But as a work of fiction, it certainly failed to provide a more personal side to the lives of Subhi and his family.

Posted on: 19th June 2017 at 12:01 pm

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