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Chalotte, Witchford Wonders Carnegie


Rook is about a boy named Nicky. Nicky, his brother Kenny and their dog Tan find a rook -Rooky- that has had a fight with a hawk. The rook is very ill and scruffy and this leads Nicky to believe that it will not get better.
Nicky is finding it hard to do so many things at once and he can not ask his brother or Dad to help as his Dad is sorting out his life and Kenny is busy with his new best friend. This story is narrated by Nicky who tells the reader about the school bully and his sister who is the girl Nicky is in love with.
When Nicky fights back against his bully -Peter- has an epileptic fit and this causes Peter's whole family to believe that he is responsible.
In the end of the story Peter admits to the head that Nicky did not make him have a fit and he is no longer expelled from the school and is allowed to come back. Nicky finally gets to go out with Sara and Rooky gets better. The perfect ending to the story.
I found this book easy to read however I do not think that it is the best book I have read. I do think that rook is a good read and it was enjoyable. Rook is not as dark as quite a few of the books that have been entered this year and I like the contrast between this book and the other books.
I would definitely read this book again and recommend it to other people who have not read it. It shows that some people are willing to help other people and other things that are alive and that 'things' will be cared for. People will go to great lengths to help something they care or love, I think that this is what Kenny does throughout the book even though Nicky had his doubts.

Posted on: 16th May 2018 at 06:29 pm

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