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Ai , Malvern St James MSJ


The pictures in the book was very colourful, it had flowers and trees. but there were some parts that weren't colourful.
The words in the book were really easy to read and the text was big and bold. The title didn't really stand out for me because it was black and it looked sad. I like the size of the book. I think it's a reasonable size. I really like the front cover because it's creative and colourful. it makes me feel that I will enjoy this book. The pictures both from front cover and inside the book do come alive for me. I don't like the pictures that aren't colourful. The book makes me not like the badger because it causes trouble and makes other animals not happy. I think kids about 5-10 would enjoy this book because it is easy to read. I would recommend this book because it is very funny and interesting.
I would rate it 14 out of 20 but overall the book is very good.

Posted on: 19th June 2017 at 03:47 pm

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