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Kento , Oundle School

After the Fire

I think that After the fire was very effective, because the writing style was fitting, as there were two different stories were told at the same time (before and after) as the narrator, Moonbeam, tell Dr Hernandez and Agent Carlyle of her life at the base. It also helps create tension, cross cutting between the two stories to help build suspense, and leave cliffhanger endings, making the book more engaging. The language was also very dramatic, describing the terrible punishments, such as being put in the box, making the reader empathize towards these poor characters.

I think the plot was well constructed, because the order in which information is told to us is comfortably easy to understand, and although it is difficult to find specific parts of the books easily, because there were no chapters. Also I think that the plot twist where it is revealed that Moonbeam had killed father John, because it is in First person, so we see Moonbeam's stream of consciousness, and as well as having Father John in her head, she constantly thinks she is going to jail, foreshadowing that she killed father john, so it could have been hinted at a bit less.

Her characterization was good, as we learn about her background as well as her current situation, and how she deals with them, and she seems very convincing as a character, apart from the fact that she lies to Dr Hernandez and Agent Carlyle, playing dumb, pretending she had faith, such as when she said that it was fair for her to be sent into the box.

Overall I think that the book was good, and has a high chance of winning the carnegie medal

Posted on: 16th May 2018 at 09:02 pm

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