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Poppy R, Malvern St James MSJ

Wolf Hollow

I really like this book because, reading the first chapter if you did not know that Betty was going to disappear you would not expect it. You also get a hint that there are wolves involved when you hear about Wolf Hollow, and also the way that her father and brother talk about wolves it makes me think that they are preparing her, in case she comes in contact with some wolves. My guess about what happens is that Betty is a wolf, and that she disappears and almost kills Annabelle. I think this because in chapter 1 she has only just met Annabelle, and then she steps out from behind a tree. That makes me think that she is going to attack Annabelle later in the book. I have really enjoyed reading the prologue and Chapter 1 because, the author makes it sound that before Betty came to the school that it was very relaxed as most of the boys are working because it is summer and they want to work now and go to school in the winter. But then Betty comes to the school and is making Annabelle’s life a misery, then further on in the book when her brothers are running through the woods and then James cuts his head on the wire and Henry comes running to get Annabelle I thought "oh no!"he is going to die, I also thought that the trap was meant for Annabelle or Henry not James as when Annabelle and Henry stand next to the wire it is exactly in line with their throats and I thought that Betty had set it up. I definitely cared for the characters especially Annabelle because, as I went through the book I thought ‘I know how it feels to be in charge of younger children and then they get hurt.’ Also when Annabelle has to tell so many lies to help people it makes me feel even worse for her. Also then lots of things happen and she loses people close to her. At the end it left me thinking who will she turn to now?

Posted on: 19th June 2017 at 03:53 pm

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