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Lara-Anne, St Ninian's High School

After the Fire

'After the Fire' was a disappointing read. By no means was it the worst piece of literature I have ever read but it is safe to say I won't be picking the book up again. Some twists in the story were well thought out however the majority of the twists were predictable and unnecessary; much like the reappearance of a certain character towards the end, which made me groan in exasperation. I would go into more detail about why this was a poor choice, however that would involve spoilers. Even though the book boasts a four hundred plus page count, many of the pages were meaningless filler to draw scenes out that increasingly frustrated me as the book progressed. There were so many directions the book could have gone off in. The beginning of the story was strong and enjoyable, pulling me into a fake sense of quality I rarely see in storyline creativity. That all quickly came crashing down towards the end, everything began to unravel feeling like less and less thought was put into how the characters would react and the reasons that kept them from acting so. The ending for this book was extremely unsatisfactory in my opinion. Unlike other readers, I am not afraid to see characters suffer sad endings. Life is not fair, books like 'After the Fire' which take their inspiration from real life should act like it, even if it means no rainbows at the end.

Posted on: 16th May 2018 at 09:41 pm

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