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Phoebe , Malvern St James MSJ


The pictures in this book are detailed but simple, though the texture isn’t shown which makes it have a cleaner feel that makes readers relate to the book. The style is unique because not many books are picture books but those that are usually have different ways of drawing such as in pencil or paint. The pictures match the story because you could read or look at the book and if it was just words, you could imagine the story and vice versa. The words are easy to read because the font is clear and the size of the words is just right. The title of the book is short and snappy which makes you intrigued because it doesn’t give the story away. The shape of the book is quite wide and long that shows it is detailed but the width is small, being thin, it is not daunting for the reader. The colours are bright and bold which makes it stand out, some of the colours are quite simple which fits in some parts of the book where it is plain and boring but when the colours are bright it fits with that part.

Posted on: 19th June 2017 at 04:00 pm

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