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Piyush, Latymer Prep

The Wolves of Currumpaw

The wolves of currumpaw is an amazing non-fiction book with themes of animal rights, human compassion and animal ingenuity. It tells the incredibly moving tale of an old wolf, Lobo, who caused much havoc in the plains of America and evaded capture like countless times. This incredible book later introduces a pure white she-wolf called Blanca and her undying love for her mate, Lobo.

The colour palette starts in monotone, before adding on many different but faded colours. The comic strip style that shows in important parts of the book creates an unexpected feel of seriousness and sadness in other parts of the book. All of the comic strip panels are in monotone which creates innumerable new emotions.

I recommend this book to readers over 9 because of the many melancholy pictures and sad information that makes the general essence to the book which are inappropriate to young readers. I rate it 9.6 out of ten because of all the heart wrenching moments and handrawn images that illuminate the book. It should be a compulsory read in Year 5.

Posted on: 20th June 2017 at 05:04 pm

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