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Kit, Faringdon Community College

The Hate U Give

THUG (or the hate U give) is a story based in subterranean ghetto in America called Garden Heights and the upper class part of town where the main character goes to Williamson school. Starr has experienced a unnecessary shooting of her best friend Khalia when they were pulled over by the police. This plunges Starr into a world of gang bashers, untruthful police force, drugs, kinglords, Gd and relationships. All become one load and Starr starts to feel the pressure. Eventually one will break and the truth of the police will be revealed. However Starr's family want her to stay quiet for her sake and theirs. But why stay quiet when you were given a mouth to speak.

THUG is a great emotional story of the life of one girl and her mission to make herself heard. Whilst the context is good and the main plot is a winner the book focuses on living in a ghetto so there is some swearing and reference that hit a bit to close to home however, this is a jaw dropper and well worth the read. I'm rating this a 4 out 5.

Posted on: 17th May 2018 at 01:46 pm

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