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Alex P, Glossopdale Community College

Wolf Hollow

Wolf Hollow is the type of book that you can really relate to. The characters have well detailed personalities and physical features described in creative adjectives.
The plot line of the tale consists of main characters whose names are; Betty, Annabelle, James, Henry, Toby, Annabelle’s mother and father and some other side characters pop up throughout the story line. Betty- the bully- torments poor Annabelle every day, if it’s emotionally or physically, whatever floats Betty’s boat really. Annabelle, only being a mere twelve year old, can’t fend for herself against a 6 foot 15 year old Betty.

Toby has served his country in the Great War but is left with many battle scars. He is a quiet person, lives out in the woods in a smokehouse. Although many people see him as harmless, he carries three rifles on his back strap and wears them with pride. After seeing what is happening to Annabelle, Toby definitely doesn’t like what’s going on and confronts Betty right after she attacks Anny with a large stick, leaving bruises on her side. Betty goes missing after a few more encounters with Toby and he becomes the main suspect… However, the remaining of the book is a mystery, so I'll let you read it for yourself…

My thoughts on this magnificent book are all completely positive, I could not discover and flaws within the pages, whether it be punctuation mistakes or anything about the characters that had been mistaken for. I rate this book a full nine out of ten!

Posted on: 21st June 2017 at 11:24 am

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