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Isabella, Meopham School Readers

Beyond the Bright Sea

Beyond the Bright Sea was the second Carnegie book that I read. I found it much better than Release by Patrick Ness. My peers thoroughly enjoyed the book. Personally, Lauren Wolk is an incredibly talented author and I admire her work. When I began to read Beyond the Bright Sea, it was very gripping and I didn't want to ever put it down. It clearly portrayed finding your true identity as a good thing and put a message across that anyone has the right to show their true self. When Crow (the main character,) wasn't accepted as a person on the island because it was possible that she was from Penikese, it showed that people can be rude because of an assumption. It clearly showed how people will believe anything you tell them even if there is no evidence of it being true. During the book, it made you feel like you were there experiencing Crow's life and really connecting with the characters. Osh was my favourite character because he was worried about mentally and physically hurting Crow. When he showed her the letter and the ring he said how he was scared to tell her about it as a young child. None of the book was boring or uncomfortable to read. There was action throughout the entire book and whether it was calm or intense, the author made it fascinating and emotional. Miss Maggie, Osh and Crow were all had completely different personalities which was what made the book more interesting. Miss Maggie was very caring and always knew what to do when Crow was confused or upset whereas Osh was more secretive and constantly worried about anyone. Crow is an intense and mysterious character always wanting to know the answers to her questions. These 3 characters were what made up the book. The chapter when Crow was writing her letter to the nurse, it was emotional because she truly put all her feelings into the book. When I finished the book, the last sentence made me tearful because of what she decides her name to mean. The way it links to Osh's name made the book join together. Finally, the title of the book, 'Beyond the Bright Sea' confused me because I didn't understand how it linked to discovering your identity. However, when I finished the book, it made sense and certainly brought a tear to the eye. This was my favourite book in the Carnegie reading list because it was emotional and made me want to read it again.

Posted on: 17th May 2018 at 03:58 pm

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