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Wolf Hollow

This book is like a rollercoaster, it takes you on a journey throughout the book and uses perspectives of the characters to introduce the mystery from their point of view. I particularly liked the main character called Annabelle McBride because you find out when reading the book that what she says matters and when she lies to protect her friends and family, all is worth it in the end. I also feel like this book is relatable to some people because at he beginning of the book, Annabelle is being bullied by a new girl- Betty Glengarry and her partner in crime called Andy. Throughout the book you begin to figure out the story of how not speaking out can lead to worse scenarios in he case. Overall I would recommend this book with a 9.5/10 because I really liked the mysterious story throughout.

Posted on: 21st June 2017 at 07:42 pm

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