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Matthew, Prestatyn High School

Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth

Railhead. Quite a name, I must say. Well, some say that there's more to a book than its name; but, with this book, the phrase is semi-invalidated. Now, let me begin.

This science-fiction book takes the back of an amateur these called 'Zen'. He lives with his struggling family in an intergalactic, rich back storied, and completely original Universe.
At first, I found the book rather slow, but, chapter by chapter, the book becomes more and more compelling. By half way, I found it almost impossible for me to stop reading. The only real limit was my busy school and home life. The book is simply unlike most of the genre. I personally found a minor error with some of its characters, who I believe the writer couldn't decide on what purpose they would have. For example: A character that is quite important to the arc of the story - Raven, had a somewhat complex personality which lead to serious conflicts about his intentions. It was rather off putting, to say the least, but the book does give back in many simple, and obvious ways which does make sure that the book remains somewhat satisfying to read. The story was quite over average, but, words wouldn't do it justice; such a story isn't amazing, but is rather intriguing, and yes, it isn't bad. The ending leaves on a large cliff hanger which gives a lot of space for a sequel.

All in all, Railhead is an excellent book, with some issues, but I faithfully recommend the book to anyone looking for something new and fresh that gives something updated and unique for the Sci-Fi genre.

Posted on: 22nd June 2017 at 11:52 am

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