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Amy. G, Glossopdale School

Where the World Ends

"Where the World Ends" is a an enjoyable book, set in 1727, that I liked. There were a lot of things that I liked about the book but equally things that I disliked about the book.

The novel itself is about a boy named Quilliam (Quill for short) who goes to a sea stac every year with a group of young men to hunt for birds to bring back home with him. Every year, the ship arrives to take them back, but this year is different. When the ship doesn't arrive to take them back home everybody panics. From this point on, it is competition of survival. And the question is will they survive on their own with nobody to help them this time...?

I found the whole book quite slow moving and I thought it dragged a lot of the time. I personally found it hard to focus at the beginning as nothing much was happening. It didn't have me hooked from the first page to the end, therefore, I don't think I shall remember this book in the future.

In contrast, I liked that the book was a great adventure story and I also thought that the title sounds very intriguing. I didn't really have a favourite or least favourite character in the book but I did like the way that all the characters helped each other along this emotional journey.

In conclusion, this isn't my favourite book in the Carnegie challenge but I thought that all in all it was a good book. However, I don't think this book was particularly special and I thought it definitely dragged in some parts so for that reason I am going to rate the book 3/5 stars. I would recommend the book for readers that are prepared to focus on the book from the beginning to the end and not loose concentration easily as it can become quite hard to understand in some parts.

Posted on: 17th May 2018 at 08:01 pm

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