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Vyvyan, Oundle School

After the Fire

The book is based upon the Waco siege in Texas 1993. The author puts himself in the shoes of a survivor and writes as if he was really there. The main character Moonbeam is written about in a really empathetic way which makes us feel both feelings for her. This book was not the sort i would have stumbled upon. It floats none of my boats and the book never gripped me. The book felt like a drag as i had a set time to read it and not a read it when ever you want, time is no object. With this mindset at the start of the book, my aim was to just get the book over and done with. This meant i merely skimmed the book meaning i didn't have a great understanding of it. Throughout the summer holidays i will be reading the book in my own time to fill in all the gaps i had missed reading it the first time.

Posted on: 17th May 2018 at 08:02 pm

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