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Nia , Malvern St James MSJ

The Journey

'The Journey' is a great book as it attracts and engages keen readers. This is mainly because of the vibrant and interesting illustrations cleverly done by the author herself - especially since some of the illustrations are made to fit the characters and almost give them personification even though they are already 'human' . I like the Artistic style of this book as the pictures relate to the story and give the readers a deeper sense of atmosphere and emotions that the characters are faced with. The format is equally as good as the text is easy, clear and the right size to read, so anyone from the ages ranging from 8-11 will thrive and enjoy the wonders of the story's plotline. My favourite part is the front cover, as it draws aspect from throughout the book onto one rather intriguing picture. I would recommend this book to medium level readers to enjoy and go on a journey themselves with the story 'The Journey'.

Posted on: 22nd June 2017 at 12:20 pm

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