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Erin, Glossopdale School

After the Fire

This is one of the best books I have ever read!

After the Fire is told from the perspective of Moonbeam. It is her story before and after a fire at "The Base", the place she calls home.

A group of people, known as "The Lords Legion" live inside "The Base". They are led by the so called prophet, Father John or John Parson. People of "The Lords Legion", put all their faith in the lord. and believe everything that Father John says. But not Moonbeam. She has doubts. Thoughts she keeps to herself. She begins to loose faith. In the Legion, the Lord and especially Father John. Before she knows it, she is making some questionable decisions, that seemed good at the time. And then there's the fire...!

I love this book and would read it again. It is incredibly well written and packed full of detail! I think the way Will Hill (the author) has used an after/before format was clever and a really gripping way of telling the story. I wish more books were set out like this.

I have two favourite characters in this novel. One is of course Moonbeam, and the other is Honey. I like Moonbeam because she is the one telling the story. You get to read her thoughts as well as what she says. You can really connect to her character and you feel sympathy for her and all sorts of other emotion. I like Honey because she is brave, yet only fourteen years old. She also has a kind personality and never gives up. I like the way she can stand up for herself and others no matter what people say to or about her!

I would one hundred percent recommend this book. I is a really good read and I think that many people would enjoy reading it!

In conclusion, this book was amazing! I would rate it five stars! I loved it!

Posted on: 17th May 2018 at 09:19 pm

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