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Isabella, Chobham Academy Book Group

The Wolves of Currumpaw

I like the pictures because I like wolves and they are hand drawn and not animated drawing from a computer. The pictures match the story because the story is about wolves and hunters and that's what the drawings are about. The style of the book does not remind me of another book because it has unique drawings that can only be done by the artist who drew them. The words are easy to read but they are a bit small and you could change the font to one that is easier to read. The title of the book stands out because it has a lot of red and a white diamond in the middle that has all of the writing in it. The book could be a bit smaller but the shape is ok. The front cover is very colourful and has lots of drawings which go with the story nicely. The pictures come alive for me because I like wolves and it has a lot of colour which I imagine in my head alive. I like most of the pictures but I don't like the ones with wolves being hunted because that makes me sad. The book is memorable because it has a lot of pictures and you remember pictures for a longer period than words . This book makes me sad because of the wolves being hunted but it shows people what's going on around the world that you might not know of. I would recommend this book to others because I had a lot of emotions going around my head when I read it and others may feel the same emotion that I did. They might also have the same passion about wolves and get sad, they might enjoy it as much as I did or they might not. Overall I kind of liked this book because of my favourite animals (wolves) and kind of didn't because of the hunting of the wolves which in my opinion should slow to a stop around the world.

Posted on: 22nd June 2017 at 12:36 pm

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