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Zainab , Malvern St James MSJ

The Journey

I really like the pictures as they really tell the story because I would understand the story more with just the pictures rather than just the words. I also like the style because it's slightly abstract. The shade of colours and types of colour have also been used very well as each page has its own theme. The book is very unique because I haven't read a story about migrating with these kind of pictures.
The words are very easy to read as it is a very nice font and appropriate size. Its quite easy to read because they use dark text on light backgrounds and light text on dark backgrounds which make the words stand out. The title does stand out but it could stand out more and they could have used a different font and size.
I think the front cover is very nice and subtle and I feel like it goes very well with the story because its all little pieces from the book merged up together like a summary of the book. I think the pictures make the story more alive because I know without the pictures the book would be really boring and maybe confusing because the pictures tell the story more than the words.
This is a very memorable book and even though it is for children I think even an adult might find it interesting. The book made me sad and there wasn't a happy ending which made me even more sad. I wouldn't recommend for small children even though it was written for them because it's not the kind of book that's happy and jolly but I could recommend this to someone my age.

Posted on: 22nd June 2017 at 12:37 pm

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