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Jasmine, Glossopdale School


'Rook' was a good, intriguing novel. I liked the way it was written and the story line was very interesting. When I finished I wanted more because it was quite short and I would have liked it more if it was longer.

The novel follows Nicky and Kenny's lives over a period of time. Kenny has learning difficulties, so Nicky, his step mum and his Dad, look after him. Nicky's dad has problems of his own but he still takes care of him.

'Rook' was a really good book and it was a quick book to read. I thought that Anthony McGowan was very clever in the way he described the characters. He developed the plot very nicely, it is just a shame it wasn't a bit longer.

I feel like the author may have overused the theme of troubled characters or people who are struggling (spoiler alert)- his father was an alcoholic, he has no mother, Kenny has a learning disability and even the bully has epilepsy. Finally, I feel like the story was too fast paced towards the end, as he was expelled and then let back into school within a matter of time.

I would give this novel 4/5 stars because it could have done with being a bit longer, but I still enjoyed it a lot as it tells an amazing story.

Posted on: 18th May 2018 at 12:28 pm

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