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Charize, The Warwick School

Wolf Hollow

Wolf Hollow is a brutal well written story it is all written in Annabelle's POV. Its based around a girl named Annabelle who is being bullied by an evil girl called Betty. When Betty mysteriously disappears everyone believes Annabelle's friend Toby, who is a secluded mysterious man, is the cause why she is missing.

I enjoyed this book because, grammar wise, it is based around the countryside during the World War, and it was interesting how the author described the views and there were loads of words I have never heard about. It has s good mystery plot which does get the reader thinking, and throughout the book there were loads of surprising outcomes, and the ending line of the sentences makes you wonder and read more about what happened because Annabelle always says something interesting metaphors at the end. I have really enjoyed this book, the mystery, and the characters.

Posted on: 22nd June 2017 at 02:41 pm

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