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Eva, Exeter School

The Stars at Oktober Bend

The more I think about this book, the more problems I have with it. While reading it I thought it was pretty good and I think I did enjoy it but looking back at it, I can’t really think of any aspect of this book that stands out or that doesn’t kind of annoy me.

The main character in this book was Alice who had an accident (revealed later in the book) which damaged her brain meaning she could no longer speak properly and she feels like she is forever stuck as a 12 year old despite being 15. I did like the way she refers to herself as having ‘damaged electrics’ (or something like that) but it felt a bit like the author created such a unique voice for this character that it took a lot away from the rest of the book. Others have said that her way of speaking is confusing and although I had no problem with the lack of punctuation, I’m inclined to agree that it made it a pretty tiresome read.

The other main character was Manny and I can’t really remember much about his character because compared to Alice, his voice was a bit boring. He felt more like a shallow love interest character than anything. The chemistry between the characters also annoyed me, mostly because it was non-existent. It reveals from the start that they will meet eventually and when they do they are just instantly emotionally attracted to each other, which just came off as a bit lazy.

Like I said earlier, I think a lot of the plot is also overshadowed a lot by Alice being poetic. I can’t remember how the story built up to the last scene at all. It just felt like it sort of happened.

I may be being a bit harsh on this book and it did a have a few good aspects like quite an interesting protagonist but like I said earlier, the further I analyse it, the less I like it.

Posted on: 22nd June 2017 at 06:45 pm

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