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Michael W, The LAT Readers!!

Wolf Hollow

I really enjoyed reading this book there was a lot of description about each character and the whole overall storyline. There there was a lot of detail about each individual character allowed you to have a really clear image of each character and the setting that the story was based in.

My favourite character was Toby as he was a mysterious and I thought that his story was an interesting one as the author didn't give to much away about him which made you keep on reading to see if there is any more detail about this mystery man that we didn't know anything about this character

I thought that the character had a really unique personality and storyline to each of them and every page that I read I would want to read another

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that likes suspense and thick plotted books. I would give it a five out of five as it had one of the best storylines to a book that I have ever read it was explained to a point where I knew what story was about.

Posted on: 23rd June 2017 at 12:05 pm

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