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Dane, Latymer Prep

There is a Tribe of Kids

There is a Tribe of Kids is a story of young child who tries hard to fit in, and after lots of persisting, finally learns to fit in.
I think that the illustrations look as if the illustrator was half-way through drawing the illustrations, then decided to stop half-way through , and publish his book that way. I also think that the book does not have a story to it, it is just collective nouns beside a seemingly half-finished illustrations. I think that the best feature of the book is that it contains child friendly pictures, even if not fully finished, and it teaches children of various collective nouns.
I would recommend this book to 4-8 year olds because it could teach them of collective nouns, and rate this book a 4/10, because it can teach children collective nouns, but it seems as if the illustrations are half-finished, and it has no real story to it.

Posted on: 25th June 2017 at 09:46 am

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