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Ella, Ashmole Academy


Rook is a well written book, and the story of Nicky is good.
'Rook' is a book about a teenage boy called Nicky who deals with a school bully at the same time as coping with the pressure of his first love.
Nicky lives with his brother, Kenny, with learning disabilities and his father. Nicky's mum abandoned her family when Nicky was young, as she was not able to cope with the 'burden' of Kenny. After she left, Nicky's dad was distraught and struggled to look after his children; after the arrival of Nicky's dad's new girlfriend, things looked more positive for Nicky's family. One day, Nicky and Kenny find an almost dead Rook, which they took home with the hope that their father could save it. However, when Nicky is bullied worse than ever and discovers his passionate crush, things don't look so positive.
Throughout the book, teenage problems are challenged, such as bullying and one's first love. In comparison to the other nominated Carnegie books, these situations do not have as big an impact on the reader as they do not seem as dreadful. The book was good; however I did not enjoy it anywhere near as much as I enjoyed reading the other Carnegie books I have read. I do not think this book is the winner of the Carnegie Book Award this year.

Posted on: 20th May 2018 at 06:58 pm

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